The 3rd Dimension in Online Engagement

Experience the 3rd Dimension in Reader Engagement
Use Swipe to Spin to effortlessly create, enhance, and embed 3D content across media channels. 3D content increases engagement and advertiser ROI beyond alternatives like video and simple animation. Use Swipe to Spin 3D content in:
  • Ecommerce sites
  • Apps
  • Display ads
  • Print ads (via augmented reality or QR code)
  • Tablet magazine ads

No 3D Glasses Necessary!

Increase click thru rates (CTR)—3D content is eye catching. And make each click thru more impactful— allow for more intimate online engagement with your products than ever before. Increase brand awareness, purchase intent, and sales!

Rich Toolkit Features

We provide publishers with a large array of production tools to ensure they get the most out of what Swipe to Spin has to offer.

  • 3D Photo Processing – view 3D content on any device
  • 3D Hot spots – educate consumers: tag product features in 3D
  • Animation – exploded views, open & close product
  • Ecommerce Links – turn your ad media into a sales vehicle

Creating 3D Content is Easy
It’s easy to get started, we can create a 3D demo using one of your products in just a few days.

1. Full Service – Just ship your product to our state of the art photo studio. We will photograph your product using our proprietary Robotic Imager and provide a 3D viewer which is compatible across multiple ad units.

2. Create Your Own – Produce your own 3D content from 2D photos using our specs (available upon request).Send us the photos to add other features and create 3D files for cross ad unit usage.

3. 3D Models – Our viewer also supports CAD files and 3D models. Use Swipe to Spin to start leveraging these assets in any ad unit!

Technical Information
  • Viewer is HTML5 based for easy integration
  • 3D files are small (~2.5 MB)
  • Files may be streamed or bundled with any download